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Europe Getting Some Seriously Sexy Pokemon ORAS Steelboxes

Those lucky ducks. 

And if you preorder your game from the official Nintendo UK Store, you get a Primal Groudon or a Primal Kyogre figurine depending on which version you get. 

No word on a stateside release of these steelbook editions. Cross your fingers and pray to Arceus that we’re graced with them come November. [❤]

Preorder: Pokemon ORAS, Pokemon 24 figure set $ $8

Me and my dad went to see HTTYD2 yesterday (my third time yay) and he has become so obsessed omg HE’S LIKE A LITTLE KID ON AN AMUSEMENT PARK texting me about how he still can’t get over the damn movie and how he’s spent all night at work researching stuff. Wow. He even bought the digital version of the OST and shared it with me. ilu daddy <3