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阿呆鍋 Aho Nabe | Uchouten Kazoku Fanbook Pre-Order
 25 Artist | 40 Full-Color Pages | 6 inch x 9 inch  | Perfect Bound 

Thank you so much for your patience! I’m pleased to announce that preorders are now open for Aho Nabe! ”Idiot Hotpot” is a fanbook that celebrates the series, Uchouten Kazoku (The Eccentric Family), through illustrations and comics! All orders include a prism bookmark, those who order the limited "Nabe Bundle" will receive a sticker sheet + wooden charm along with a prism bookmark.

Pre-orders will be open until October 10th, 10:00pm PST. You can pre-order either the ◇ BOOK ONLY ◇ or the ◇ NABE BUNDLE ◇ here!

"A manifestation of our idiot blood!"

Hey!!! This is the Uchouten Kazoku book that I posted about a while back!! If you’re interested, please check it out!!!! THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ARTISTS IN HERE HUFF HUFF I’m really glad I got the chance to participate!!